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I responded to a post of a meme about how white people can watch Star Wars and think the Rebellion is doing the right thing but then get mad if black people do it in real life. I said, "The Rebellion didn't loot."

In response to my comment, I was told

"How's a person who looks like John Quincy Adams don't know how things were back then,"

"your a fucking idiot. Were you born this way or raised this way? Does it hurt to be this stupid? Like... damn... the fucktard in you is beaming right now."

"and her dumbass still stuck on stupid and parked on dumb."

"bimbo white bread"

"But somebody is supporting her dumbass. She said that shit with confidence and was wrong as fuck."

"I dunno, she always looked kinda stupid to me anyway."

It went on and on. I was compared to a Simpsons character, I was harassed, I was bullied. These were various races that were attacking me.

I said what I said in anger. I did not mean it. But the damage is done.

I was wrong in what I said. I admit it. So I do apologize for it. There was no excuse for me to say what I said other than I was angry, and that's the truth.