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The Starship Logs, Volume 3: Nabu Carnevale

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Paperback - $13.99

Kindle - $2.99

Readers and dreamers from across the universe,

We have tales in this book you must come traverse!

We start with a planet where stories are garnered,

Then on to a world where a butcher is honored.

A boy finds a friend after an apocalypse,

A detective must break the electronic hold of a mask.

What is that strange ribbon? What is Uplift Day?

Will the Starcatcher experience a caculated delay?

Synthetics, aliens, sacrifices unravel.

Even a walrus is followed on his ritual travels.

So come find science fiction paired with festival atmospheres!

Our sci-fi carnevale is standing by right here!

Come join our Nabu Carnevale with these fine authors.

Jonathon Mast ~ Andrew McCormick ~ Hansen Adcock ~ Stefan Markos ~ Eric Reitan ~ Kurt Newton ~ John A. Frochio ~ John B. Rosenman ~ Lawrence Dagstine ~ Quinn Parker ~ Max Griffin ~ Rose Strickman ~ Tim Jeffreys ~ Susan P. Sinor ~ Ray Daley ~ Derek Austin Johnson ~ Laura J. Campbell ~ GD Deckard ~ Jason J. McCuiston ~ Gregory L. Norris

  We hope you have a phenomenal time!