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The Starship Logs Volume 2: Creatures

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Paperback - $9.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

Science Fiction has always explored various types of creatures, from aliens to nanobots, from dinosaurs to insects. We humans have always had a scientific fascination with the monsters around us, even within us on a biological level, and we cover quite a lot of them in this anthology.

These atmospheric stories come from authors around the world, award winners and newcomers alike, and they have found the humanity within the creatures they write about, even from within the scientific world. They are…

Lawrence Berry ~ K.L. Nappier ~ Elana Gomel ~ Manuel Royal ~ J. David Liss ~ John B. Rosenman ~ Leah Veil ~ Derek Paterson ~ Peter Palmieri ~ Stanley B. Webb ~ Jennifer Jeanne McArdle

These stories cover a wide spectrum but still come down to the universal truth: that we humans will always be fascinated and intrigued by the creatures in our world… and beyond.