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The Blood Tomes, Volume 1: Winter Holidays

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Paperback - $9.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

A family gathers in a remote cabin to celebrate Christmas, but not everyone is going to arrive. A mother gives her son the gift he most wants, even though he didn't mean it. A girl gets lots on Halloween, but too easily, she alludes the police officer trying to find her. A Russian Christmas terror, an 1800s horrifying mystery, a hunt for a Christmas angel... and much more to terrify you this holiday season.

Welcome to the first volume of Tell-Tale Press's anthology series The Blood Tomes: Winter Holidays. We present to you fifteen horror stories that explore various winter holidays, from Christmas to Fet Ghede, the voodoo Festival of the Ancestors. Our authors have presented us with tales that explore various realms of the horror genre, from personal to apocalyptic, from dark beauty to terrible truths. We have tantalizing tales from these authors, both critically acclaimed and brand new:

Tim Jeffreys ~ D.S. Ullery ~ Eric J. Guignard ~ Ken MacGregor ~ K.L. Nappier ~ Lawrence Berry ~ J. Federle ~ B.J. Thrower ~ Jeanne Bannon ~ Joshua Harding ~ Kenneth Bykerk ~ Christine Makepeace ~ Daniel Coronel ~ Jason J. McCuiston ~ Lawrence Dagstine ~ Elena Sichrovsky

Each author has given us a tale to remember, one to keep us awake so we can stay up to meet Santa. But then, after reading these stories, will you really want to?