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The Spell Books, Volume 1: Winter Holidays

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Paperback - $9.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

Is Santa really happy with his job? Can a young woman accept a fuzzy ball of fluff as her friend? Can witch find revenge within peace? And who--or what--are these holidays really about anyway?

Welcome to this first volume of Tell-Tale Press's anthology series The Spell Books: Winter Holidays. Herein you'll find the whimsical to the reflective, from the selfish to the self-sacrifice. Here you will learn about Mother's Night, how Santa really gets details on what kids want for Christmas, and the difficult relationship between a father and his children. Our wonderful cast of authors, both critically acclaimed and brand new, include...

Manuel Royal ~ Nidhi Singh ~ Fiona Moore ~ Claire Davon ~ Gustavo Bondoni ~ Nickolas Urpi ~ Jaap Boekestein ~ Anne Younger ~ Eric Reitan ~ Marilyn "Mattie" Brahen

Fantasy abounds in these stories, and we believe they are filled with the magic of the season. May you find joy in reading them all.