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The Case Files, Volume 3: Nabu Carnevale

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Paperback - $13.99

Kindle - $2.99

Mysteries, you say? You want stories with clues?

Then this carnevale of tales is tailor-made for you.

Our stories have detectives, vintage and modern

Dealing with both earthly and spiritual conundrums.

Nick Claus is back, as well as Mr. Harry Fysh.

These gentlemen solve crimes in the name of justice.

There's a baseball game, a football team, a film festival.

Even a celebration of bread and an active volcano.

Flying saucers? Aliens? You might find a few.

But there's always a crime or a mystery to undo.

Are you ready? Getting cozy? Have your pipe setting near!

Your mystery carnevale is written in here!

Come join our Nabu Carnevale with these fine authors.

Jonathon Mast ~ Ashlea Adams ~ Jason J. McCuiston ~ Gregory L. Norris ~ J.B. Dane ~ Martin Zeigler ~ Kevin A. Harris ~ Claire Davon ~ Carl R. Jennings ~ Andrew McCormick ~ Derek Austin Johnson ~ Christine Morgan ~ Brian J. Smith ~ Joslyn Chase ~ L.L. Hill ~ Hansen Adcock ~ Lawrence Dagstine ~ Nied Darnell ~ Laura J. Campbell ~ Jesse Bethea ~ Stuart Croskell ~ Peter Emmett Naughton

We hope you have a mysterious time!