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The Case Files, Volume 2: Creatures

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Paperback - $9.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

Murder, mystery, and... monsters? We have eleven new stories in this mystery and crime anthology combining creatures with intrigue in unusual ways. We travel to the Victorian era, deal with the mob, solve a strange murder in a cyborg-like community, and discover a new species of... something.

Each of our authors, experienced and new to the genre alike, has given us a fascinating and original look at the subjects of mystery and crime. They are...

Edward Lodi ~ Evan Dicken ~ Joseph Watson ~ Kevin A. Harris ~ Lawrence Berry ~ Justin Boote ~ Edward Ahern ~ Diane Arrelle ~ Kenneth C. Goldman ~ L.L. Hill ~ J.B. Dane

May you enjoy these thrilling stories, designed to draw you in and look at creatures in enigmatic new ways.