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The Case Files, Volume 1: Winter Holidays

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Paperback - $6.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

Missing puppies need to be found, a year in the life of an unusual family, a strangely familiar body found in a home, a dead man sparks an old memory, and Santa has a murder to solve. These five plots round out the first volume of The Case Files from Tell-Tale Press, a gathering of mystery and crime stories that reflect on the winter holidays theme. From classic whodunits to stories that are closer to the heart, we believe these stories capture the winter holidays in interesting and unusual ways.

Our experienced and critically acclaimed authors include...

J.B. Dane ~ Diane Arrelle ~ Ken MacGregor ~ Melissa Watkins Starr ~ Michael M. Jones

So time to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and a snuggly blanket by the fire, to learn what winter holidays are all about in the world of mystery fiction.