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The Blood Tomes, Volume 3: Nabu Carnevale

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Paperback - COMING SOON! We ask for your patience as we are having technical problems. Thank you!

Kindle - $2.99

Since you have some time to spare,

Sit down, take heed, but also... beware.

These stories are fine, their tales unique,

But in one, humans... well, they end up as meat.

You'll see some freakshows, a carnival or three,

A parade of souls, a religious town by the sea.

A haunted carousel, a strange festival mask,

A town where the dead have some unfinished tasks.

Ghosts from beyond, a man who kills,

All lurk within to bring you chills.

So open this book, give in to your fears.

Your carnevale of horrors is starting in here.

Come join our Nabu Carnevale with these fine authors.

 Jonathon Mast ~ Kenneth Bykerk ~ Brendan Foley ~ Adrian Ludens ~ B.J. Thrower ~ Alistair Rey ~ Brandon Scott ~ Claire Davon ~ D.C. Phillips ~ Dan Fields ~ Bruce Meyer ~ Elana Gomel ~ Gregory L. Norris ~ Isabella Hunter ~ Josh Davis ~ Justin Boote ~ Kevin M. Folliard ~ Lyman Graves ~ Gregg Chamberlain ~ Quinn Parker ~ Robert Pope ~ Luke Foster ~ Marvin Brown ~ Chris DiLeo

We hope you have a horrific time!