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The Blood Tomes, Volume 2:

Creatures, Novelettes Edition

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Paperback - $9.99

Kindle - ONLY 99 CENTS

A xenological invasion. A creature in the pipes. A monster in the dark. A dragon. And childhood toys that are more than they seem.

Five novelettes. Five stories that will force you to get in touch with our undeniable connection to the animal and insect worlds and the monster within... for are we really all that different from the monsters that we loathe? Our deft and expert authors have won awards and had work in award-winning anthologies, and these stories showcase their gift for terrifying us but also in finding the humanity through our fear. They are...

Gordon B. White ~ James Dorr ~ Mark Pantoja ~ Jon Gauthier ~ Peter Emmett Naughton

We challenge you to read these stories, but only if you're ready to explore the nightmarish creatures within us all.