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The Tell-Tale Press Library Guide

Need some help navigating our library? Here's a quick guide to get you going. If you see a problem, you can contact us at this email.

From The Library page linked in the toolbar above, click on the library title that you wish to read from. Here's what the library's home page will look like when you first open it.

It may also look like this if you open it on a tablet or mobile phone.

The elements on the page are as follows. If your page looks like the second option above, click the three horizontal lines to get the menu of Labels and Cover Art.

Labels (in left column): Click here to see a list of the themes, authors' names, and author types. You can choose any of those labels to read stories only within that theme. For example, you can read stories only by women writers, or only the stories that are included in the Winter Holidays 2018 publication. On the second screenshot, you would click the Menu link (the three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner to see the Labels list.

Cover Art (in left column): Click the cover to read that specific anthology of stories. Click the link below the cover art to go to Amazon to get the anthology for your Kindle.

Author List (along the top): An alphabetical list of authors by first name. Click on the name and it will take you to stories only written by that author.

Story List (along the top): An alphabetical list of the stories.

Theme List (along the top): A list of the themes and writer types.

The white boxes contain each individual story as indicated by the title and author. Click the Read More link to read the entire story.

At the end of each story, you will see links to the themes that author and story has been assigned to. You can click on those links to bring you to similar stories within that theme.

You are more than welcome to enter comments in the Comments section at the end of each story. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the stories.

Thank you for visiting our online libraries. We hope you enjoy them!