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UPDATED 6-3-2020:

I fully admit I was wrong.

My comment about black people being horrible was racist and uncalled for.

Facebook had me on a three-day suspension, so I could not apologize there.

I used a cousin's account to try to apologize. It went unheard.

I cannot tell all of you how sorry I truly am. Not because I was "caught", but because I know myself better than this and I said it in anger.

I was being verbally attacked (click here), which happens all the time on social media - I have participated in it myself. And I reacted in a manner that is intolerable.

There is no excuse for what I wrote;

I'm simply explaining why I wrote it.

I am already finding ways to make up for my mistake.

It will just take time, as most repairs do.

To those who have been hurt by my comments, I am sorry, and you deserve better. May you receive it. And may our world change for the better.

Tell-Tale Press is shut down.

Our books are no longer available for purchase.

All stories that I had purchased have been released back to their authors with no exclusivity and no rights to Tell-Tale Press, including the Nabu Carnevale stories and Project Notebook.

All authors who still need to be paid will be.